More or less 3 hours of autonomy with a 3 lt full tank of gasoil.

The EZ Easy Drive system allows the operator controlling the Speedy Wash even with just one hand. The EZ models (Battery or Diesel) come with a pallet-jack type steering control called Easy Drive 4WS (4 wheels steering). The control is hinged to the chassis and is mechanically connected to two wheels, steering them as needed. It allows feather touch steering with minimal effort from the operator.

The mechanism making up the steering is composed by:

  • Central drive wheel; 
  • Control;
  • Driven wheels;
  • steering wheels.
The Speedy Wash machines use 30 lt of water per minute. Considering that, the washing speed is 20 mt/min probably you only need 100/120 lt of water, to wash a bus 13 mt long.

The Speedy Wash battery and diesel powered do not need any installation. These models are delivered ready to be used. Only in case of the electric version, it is necessary installing the overhead trolley line. 

For a complete service (chemical applying, brushing and rinsing) you just need 4/6 minutes to wash a bus. 

All the Speedy Wash models can be provided with a detergent application system. These are our suggested procedures:

  1. First passage for chemical application.
  2. Second passage for brushing and rinsing going in one direction
  3. Third passage for brushing and rinsing going in the opposite direction.


The double control allows washing in both directions; this helps the operator working comfortably and achieve a perfect result.

It doesn’t exist a definitive answer to this question because there are many variables. Anyway, I can tell you that, on average, you can wash approximately, 25/30 buses/trucks with a full charge 24V-180A battery pack.

Yes it is. The standard overall height of the Speedy Wash is 4.20 mt (4.10 mt washing high), but we can customize it. No matter the required height. Even if you need to wash 4,6 mt high double decker buses or 3,25 mt high School Buses, we will give the perfect machine for your needs.

There are few elements to evaluate, but two of these are the most important:

  • Number of vehicles washed per day: If you need to wash up to 25 vehicles per day, you should choose the battery machine. No noise, no gas emissions, no diesel engine to be maintained. Absolutely the best choise. For bigger number you need a diesel machine or an electric machine if you prefer to have a fixed washing bay with cables and water pipes always connected to the machine.
  • Possibility to wash indoor or outdoor: if you need to wash indoor, you need a battery or electric machine.

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