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Texas Beverage Wholesaler Selects 2 Bitimec 626-EZ Truck Washers for Their Prime Locations
Keg 1, LLC choose 2 Bitimec Truck Wash Systems
Bitimec 626-EZ washes a Miller Coors Trailer.

Over a decade ago, Coors Brewing Company developed the concept of a Knowledge Exchange Group (KEG). These KEGs would bring together like-minded, forward-thinking distributor leadership to share best practices. A key player in the group was Keg 1 LLC located between Weatherford and Temple, TX. Keg 1 now operates over 40 delivery trailers and we are proud they selected 2 Bitimec Battery powered . 626-EZ truck washers to keep their fleet clean. The 626-EZs are self-contained power brushes on wheels, able to soap, wash and rinse a trailer in as little as 6 minutes.
The Bitimec Speedy Wash Model 626-EZ is the most advanced self-contained mobile truck wash system available on the market today. Double controls allow the machine to work in two directions, reducing wash time to 6-8 minutes per trailer, Bitimec Truck Wash Systems occupy less than 15 sq. ft. of floor space and drastically reduces the unit cost for washing large vehicles using minimal water and detergent every time.

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