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Bitimec Unveils the First Totally Mobile Battery Powered Tanker Truck Washing Machine
Bitimec adds yet one more key solution to its line of machines designed to help tanker truck operators maintain their fleets twice as clean with half the labor.

The new model, called the Tank-626-EZ, is an all stainless steel machine assuring a corrosion free, long structural life (even the powder coated battery skirt and covers are stainless). Four 6Volt High Capacity 320Ah batteries connected in series supply lots of 24Volt autonomy for washing about 30 vehicles on one charge. The signature tank 5 foot 3 inch big-diameter-brush will wrap itself around the oddest shapes making sure enough muscle is delivered to wash a full size tanker in about 10 minutes of machine time and 10 minutes of detailing time.
The Tank-626-EZ is quiet and emission free, providing a fast wash solution in indoor bays as commonly found in very cold northern climates. The two first production machines are going "down-under" with more units on order for Europe and the USA

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