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Bitimec's New Solar Panel Washing Machine Cleans Solar Panels Fast.
The PV Solar Wash is Able to Clean 1.3 MW of Solar Panels in 4 Hours!

The PV Solar Wash cleaning solar farm panels. Operating on rubber tracks, with sensor assisted telescoping swivel boom, soft foam brush, and  650 gallons of water, the solar panel wash system can wash a 1.3 MW solar farm section in 4 short hours

The PV Solar Wash system is a much needed innovation in solar panel washing equipment. Designed in conjunction with Messersi and using a Bitimec 'foam-lite' brush, the PV SOLAR WASH system runs smoothly on a rubber track dumper undercarriage. A sophisticated Messersi telescopic boom with ultrasonic sensors helps adjust the brush to maintain feather light pressure on the PV panels being cleaned and avoid damage in case of rough terrain. Solar panel washing is achieved with a combination of water and gentle foam-brush friction. Other features include:
* Double joystick operator servo-controls (left-travel, right-boom and brush control)
* One or Three element telescoping boom. Wash up to 30' (9 meters) height/length
* Brush length up to 12' (3.6 meters). Shorter brushes can wash airplanes.
* Full hydrostatic machine with load sensing hydraulic distributor for better boom control
* Water pressure spray bar to 580psi  (40bar).
* Water tank capacity 650 gallon (2400l).
* Swivel seat and boom, able to wash right or left. Machine able to wash in fwd/rev.
* Hydraulic PTO (45 l/min, 170 bar) for the use of optional equipment.
The ability to wash solar panels 'economically' will repay buyers many times their investment. Single site users will be able to improve peak output performance of their Solar Power Plants by washing photovoltaic arrays  more often for less money. Contract washers can bid on multiple solar farm washing jobs with minimal crew taking advantage of the PV SOLAR WASH's speed, efficiency and affordability.
For information on the PV SOLAR WASH please contact Bitimec USA Tel: +1-203-637-1900.

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