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Bitimec Equipment to Service Trains on Europe's First Privately Held High Speed Rail Line
Bitimec Mobile train washing machines and other Bitimec equipment to service Italo 300km/h trains running between Milan and Naples.

Bitimec SEP900 mobile two brush train washing machine cleaning the Italo train, dubbed the 'Ferrari on Rails'.

A new set of wheels is racing between Milan and Naples and it never has to stop for refueling. Europe's first privately held high-speed rail line; NTV (New Transport Voyager) has started operating sleek burgundy-red 'Italo' high speed trains between Milan and Naples. Headed by Ferrari’s chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo the line was aptly dubbed the “Ferrari on Rails”. The super quiet tains whisk passengers comfortably at speeds of 300km/h (up to 186 miles per hour). The service offers several classes, but even the standard seats are extra comfortable. The the high end food company Eataly provides three course meals at reasonable prices, served directly at the passenger's seat.
Bitimec tractors and trailers service the trains, including the supply of fresh basin water and inside cleaning equipment. The SEP-900 two brush train washing machine seen on the main photo is used for for washing the railcars.
Now working on 4 continents, the SEP and Politrac lines are lending support to the maintenance needs of some of the brightest and newest cutting edge companies such as NTV.

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