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Bitimec installs its first mobile brake sand refilling machine in North America
Mobile brake sand refilling machine installed at the TTC Toronto Transit Commision rail yard.

Mobile Brake Sand Refilling Machine with brand new cars to go into service October 2012 in Toronto.

Conventional brake sand refilling is usually done by expensive permanent installations along a stretch of tracks, or by hand. One is an extremely expensive proposition, the other laborious and time consuming. Bitimec's brake sand refilling machine is totally self-contained and on wheels! The system has a capacity of 200 liters of sand and is mounted on a Bitimec battery driven Politrac truck. The sand is in a hopper which is pressurized by an on-board compressor allowing it to be poured in the train's holding tanks through a hose and nozzle, as easily as refilling your car with gasoline! The whole arrangement is mounted on an independent skid, operates with its own batteries or with 120 VAC power, and can be removed from the truck with a fork-lift, thereby allowing TTC to have two machines for the price of one.

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