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Bitimec Model A-225-LX Bus Washing Equipment to wash Aramco personnel bus fleet in Saudi Arabia

One of 10 Bitimec A-225-LX Diesels washing one of 416 Saudi Aramco buses.

Zahid tractor, the Bitimec Distributor in Saudi Arabia, has won a contract to supply Earadat Transport 10 Bitimec Model A-225-LX mobile bus washing machines to wash buses exclusively dedicated to transport Aramco personnel all over the KSA. Earadat Transport, based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, was awarded an 8 year contract to run 416 buses with GPS systems to provide Aramco employees with quality and reliable daily transportation. The buses will carry Saudi Aramco employees not only between home and work, but also to other routine destinations. Bitimec diesel operated mobile truck wash machines were chosen because they were able to affordably provide a bus washing system at each of their 10 bus depots.

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