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Speedy wash
Single brush machines

Speedy Wash™ is Bitimec’s answer to the vehicle-washing needs of bus and truck operators wanting to maintain an elevated company image and sense of reliability by always keeping their fleets in perfectly clean condition.

Speedy Wash allows companies to perform consistent, inexpensive, high quality washes every time, on whichever type of large vehicle they operate, without the heavy investment in buildings, equipment or valuable floor space required by other mechanized systems.

Compared to washing by hand the Speedy Wash line provides immediate savings in time and money by performing fast and economical washing for a 75% saving in labor, water and chemicals. One person can soap, wash and rinse a 53’ trailer, a full size coach, or a transit bus in an average of 7 minutes.

All stainless-steel frames and high quality time tested components guarantee durability. Productivity features such as twin accelerator controls for full bi-directional operation, ‘brush only’ inclination to 10° (20° effective wash angle), large water tanks, and centrally located patented drive wheel are exclusive to the Speedy Wash line.

These, plus many other details such as adjustable all stainless nozzle bars, make all the models in our line, practical ‘must-have’ machines, requiring minimal maintenance and operator training.

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